What I'm working on now:
AcrossOurChests.com is the natural progression of Social Media.

Here, the mission is to get
your word out via Social Media Websites such as the
ones you see below my photo to the left.  Individuals will wear your logo on their
clothes as they take pictures, shoot videos, chat, blog or otherwise surf the
social web.

The end result is two-fold.  On one hand, it's direct marketing.  Just as someone
might broadcast that they have new shoes or just saw the most amazing movie
last night, neither Nike or Sony Pictures will be sending those people checks for
their word of mouth advertising.  With AOC, you, the business, band or blogger
(etc...) can now pay someone to specifically spend the day expressing their
sincere appreciation for your idea,  product or service.  

The second result of the type of marketing that we do is simply amazing.  It's an
unexpected side effect of the way we do business that we did not even discover
until weeks into operation.  If you're a business looking to drive more viewers to
your website, either across town or around the world (this works especially well
with "Local SEO"), the fact that we go out in a single day and post your website
to various social sites indicates to search engine web crawling software that you
must be important and this will actually help in your "page ranking" on Googles
(and other) search engine.  

I know those were a lot of big words for some of you, but never fear.  I am here
to walk you through the confusion.  I plan to post more soon.  Informative
articles, testimonials, photos, quotes, jokes and the like for your education and
entertainment. In the meantime I remain humbly you friend and fan.

-Joey McGirr
Copyright 2010, McGirr, Inc.
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