I’m a Creative Marketing Consultant and the Founder of McGirr, Inc. I spend my days running my company, helping entrepreneurs enhance their personal brand, while learning all I can about the current creative marketing space.

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Originally a SoCal native, I moved to Austin, TX in 2008. The rest of that story can be read in this in-depth interview.

I also have a hobby…The Disney Hack Podcast

Joey McGirr

Of course I am many more things. Here’s a short list in case you’re interested…

…Christ Follower, Proud Father, Loving Husband, Uncle, Brother, Son, Nephew, Cousin, Artist/Artistic, Photographer/Filmmaker, Live Music/Art Lover, Storyteller, Homo universalis, Aquarius, Tiger, Wannabe Erudite Flaneur, Humanitarian, Philologist, Movie Aficionado/Television Appreciator, Non-Smoker, Earthling, Scotch/Irish Descent American, Traveler/Travel Blogger, Podcaster, Juggler, Barista, Underdog Supporter, Former Bagpiper and Former Disneyland Cast Member, Sometimes Sarcastic Humorist, Never Hyperbolic, Lifelong Learner, Omnivore, Monorail Enthusiasts, Bipedal, Diurnal, Endothermic, Fiscally Conservative, Golf Appreciator, ReTweeterer, Pragmatic Optimist, Fashion Minimalist, Retired Costume Character, Trivia Junkie, Kinesthetic Learner, Auctorial Speaker, Occasional Writer, Right Handed, Thinker, Planner & A Happy Guy.

Speaking at TEDx Corpus Cristi in 2012:

Some of my favorite things: