My answer to What are the main tourist attractions to see in Austin and how many days would it take to see them?

I love Quora!

I’m not much of a “Gamer.” When I have downtime, I like to learn new things. I like to watch the Discover Channel and I’m often found binge watching Top Gear on Netflix. Quora is one of those places on the web where you can be simultaneously wowed, shocked, informed, inspired, educated and entertained – all for free. You can also just let the site take you from topic to random topic as they catch your attention and interest (Much like watching YouTube videos).

Sometimes I am struck with the desire to answer a question on Quora. When I feel courageous enough to stick my neck out and show the world what I may know (or how little I know) about a particular subject. I’ve answered all kinds of questions.

This most recent question wasn’t one I picked, so much as it was picked for me. One feature on Quora is that other members can ask you to answer a question. I’d say most of the time I ignore these requests, but in this case, I felt I could provide a little value, even if it wasn’t answering the question directly.


The question was: What are the main tourist attractions to see in Austin and how many days would it take to see them?

My answer was: There’s no shortage of cool things to see and do in Austin. I’ve lived here for more than six years and learn about something new and cool just about every week. Some of Austin’s best features are festivals or events that occur at various times of the year. I think a better question would be, “What are some resources for discovering the best attractions in and around Austin throughout the year?”

Here’s three that come to mind:

-The Austinot: Austin Blog About the Best Local Things to Do and Eat

-365 Things To Do In Austin: Home – 365ThingsAustin – 365 Things to Do in Austin, TX

-Free Fun In Austin: Free Fun in Austin

What resources do you find the most useful when looking for things to do in Austin?


On a side note, take a day trip to Round Rock through my friend Rebecca’s blog:


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