Chevy Shop Social: Austin

Thanks to Disney and some social media love via Instagram and Twitter, I get to shop for Chevy next week. No, not shop for a Chevy…that would be TOO GOOD. Let me explain:

Back in March, my family went to Walt Disney World. About a month ago, someone I follow on Twitter and Instagram, a local mom-blogger named Rebecca Darling (who writes an awesome family travel blog, BTW), went to Walt Disney World with her family. When I saw her pictures on Instagram, I was immediately drawn back to the good feelings and fun times I had just a few months before. This is where our friendship began.

Last week, out-of-the-blue, I received a mention on Twitter from Rebecca asking if I had received my invite for the Chevy Shop Social event in June. My first thought was, “My what?”

After inquiring a little more, and being introduced to Scotty Reiss of, I understood what was really going on. I couldn’t be more honored to be a part of this special event to support a pair of great local non-profits. The event will benefit I Live Here I Give Here and HAAM (as well as a little marketing goodwill for the folks at Chevy. They are paying for the whole thing, after all).

So, what’s going on? They’ve got this cool idea that combines a shopping spree, a car show, a test drive, a party, a concert, and a fundraiser. It’s called the “Chevy Shop Social: Austin” and it’s on June 5th. What follows are the details for the event happening NEXT WEEK…


  • Post a story on your blog (DONE) by May 29th about Chevy Shop Social: Austin and your role in it. Be sure to:
    • Provide event details and invite your friends and family, to attend the party and raffle (Do it! The event is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC and everyone is invited. – DONE)
    • Involve your audience in your shopping: Ask your friends and family for shopping and purchase ideas and invite them to follow along on June 5th (So, you got any ideas? – DONE and DONE)
    • Promote your story and participation through your social channels so as many people as possible know about our event (DONE)

Day of the Event:

  • Show up by 11AM on June 5th at the Getaway Motor Club
  • Once there you’ll be given a $300 gift card, paired with another influencer and given the keys to a brand new Chevy to shop for items to raffle off later that evening

We will be assigned specific neighborhoods to shop in and a partner to shop with. I’ve already got mine – Thanks Rebecca! I am also planning to take Kristin Cannon along for the day since she is already an extension of everything I do in the office. She’ll serve as camera operator and curator of chaos.

We are instructed to only buy items from local producers, retailers or vendors (It’s important that we keep the raffle Austin-centric). We have been asked to purchase at least 2 but no more than 5 items and provide a receipt for each item. If I want to buy a gift certificate to raffle, I can only buy one (my other items for the raffle should be merchandise). If I want to put together a basket, that is fine, but all items should fit in the basket and I should have the retailer package the basket for me. I have to spend the entire $300 on items for the raffle (No freebies for me – Like I’d do that anyway?).

Lastly, I am encouraged to share my shopping experience all day long on my social channels, post pictures from my excursion and use the hashtag #ChevyShopSocial (I dare you to say that out-loud three-times-fast, RIGHT NOW!).

After shopping is completed, we will return to the Getaway Motor Club. My purchases will be catalogued and the raffle will be set up. At 6 PM, guests arrive and the party gets started. Raffle tickets will be for sale for $1 each at designated ticket sales tables. Guests can purchase tickets and deposit them in bowls for each item. It is my hope that my bowl(s) is(are) the one(s) OVERFLOWING with raffle tickets – and I’m going to need your help with this…


At 8:30 PM, the raffle begins! When my items are up for raffle, I’ll be asked to come to the stage and draw the winning ticket from the raffle bowl. I get to present the winner with the item and even snap a photo with the lucky duck!

I look forward to being a part of this very cool experience and to the possibility of learning something that I can use to benefit those I work with, and for, in the very near future. Not to mention that someone is going to WIN something I purchased for a good cause, and that makes me feel good(X2).

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have. If you have suggestions on where I should shop in Austin, please let me know in the comment section below. Thanks!

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