The FB “Happy Birthday” Post

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  1. Interesting to think about Joey. I happen to like the Happy Birthday greetings on Facebook. I like offering them and I like receiving them. It lacks pretension, shows that someone has taken the time to notice, (even if prompted by a wizard), and shows the strength of Social Media in general as people from all over, if friended to you, are able to do it.

    Somehow, sending birthday greetings through email is clunky and somewhat inappropriate, but doing it through FB seems about right. My wife still MUCH prefers using hand written cards and snail mail, which I like as well, but if technology is going to replace the old methods, then a simple Happy Birthday feels more genuine than all the electronic pre-packaged, flash animated, follow this link, install this plug-in eCards available. This of course goes back to our ongoing discussion about misuse of new technologies by attempting to apply the old patterns to them.

    I’m sure that even birthday greetings will evolve with the web-experience over time, but for now… in this phase, I like it.

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