You must bring it in with you…

Trouble finding magic at Walt Disney World?

I had no trouble finding the magic at Disneyland when I was a kid. As an adult, I still find most of my experiences inside a Disney resort, “magical.” However, on closer inspection, I have decided that many of those magical experiences are self-manifested.

I’m reminded of a friend of mine who went through a nasty divorce about ten years ago. His wife left him for someone else. She claimed that he ceased to bring her any joy. My friend knew something she didn’t. It wasn’t his job to make her happy. It was her own.

My friend has found happiness again in a new marriage, but only because he brought it with him; and he found someone who brings her own with her.

I think these two situations are very similar. When I hear of people going to a Disney park and returning unfulfilled, I can’t help but feel that it’s their own fault. They knew it was going to be expensive, crowded, hot and mostly over-hyped. Yet, they returned home to express that the whole thing was, “Expensive, crowded, hot and mostly over-hyped.”

They missed the most important lesson — to find the magic, you must not seek the magic — it does not come with the price of admission. You must bring it in with you.

And yet, there are those who continue to make the journey and consistently find the magic. They can’t wait to tell their friends about their experiences. Their stories are filled with thrills and excitement. They learned, whether they knew it or not, that the joy of visiting Disneyland or Walt Disney World is not Disney’s job (Not really). All they can do is set the stage. It’s up to each one of us to play our part, as external cast members, and make the most of it we can.

I plan to share my secrets for packing in as much magic as I can, when I visit Disney, over at What’s your secret for bringing your own magic with you? I’d really love to know.

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