You Media Lab


You Media Lab 

We live in a world full of media.

I recently gave a two-hour presentation on Personal Branding and I began by dissecting the topic of Media. Wikipedia describes it as: “(communication), tools used to store and deliver information or data.”  This got me thinking, “if media is simply a tool for information storage and distribution, then aren’t we a form of media?”  Each and every person I have had a conversation with, at some point, provided me with information they had been storing inside their head.

This got me thinking some more. If we are media, and most people define media as books, magazines, computers, the internet, your cell phone, televisions, radios, etc…then we are the most effective form of media around, right?  We, as humans, have ways of connecting to other humans better than any device or material known. We can sing and act; we can read, write, analyze, speak, think and take action in tens of thousands of different ways.

So if You-are-Media, how can you better perform as a media?  How can you retain, convert and express data better than before?  I have been thinking about this subject for years, and I recently created what I think is the next evolution in my own life, personal and business.  I call it the You Media Lab.

So what exactly is a You Media Lab?  Broadly, it’s part entrepreneur development programs (the ones I feel need it the most) and part education experiment.  It’s a convergence of media and personal responsibility. We take you from where you are to where you want to go; so you don’t have to do it on your own.

If tools are tools, what are you bringing to the table?

My whole life has been preparing me for this day.  If you can be improved, then shouldn’t we try?  I’m looking for people who share this thinking and would like to be a part of the next (r)evolution of humanity.  An overhaul of communications as never seen before.  Super communicators all learning from each other at an ever accelerating rate.

Where do we start?  Right where we are. As adequate communicators on a journey to become extraordinary. Who’s with me?

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